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Youth power in Entrepreneurship (YPE)


Youth Power in Entrepreneurship (YPE) is a strategic partnership project in the youth education field aimed at promoting the role of Social Entrepreneurship (SE), in combination with Non-Formal Education (NFE) and practical learning, as tools for enhancing social inclusion and employability of the disadvantaged young population. The project focuses on the identification of existing best practices and the development of support schemes that help foster the competences of educators and other personnel, in partner countries and at the European level, who support young people through Social Entrepreneurship education.

The project will implement the priorities listed through a coherent flow of activities developed across the 18 months of cooperation, including: Transnational Meetings, Production of Reports, Blended Mobility of Young people, and Development and Testing of Entrepreneurial Methodologies.

YPE Project pursues the following specific objectives

  • Contrasting young unemployment through developing Social Entrepreneurship potential and related soft/transversal skills in low-skilled or low-qualified young people through Urban Needs’ Analysis, Storytelling, ICT and Intercultural Communication.
  • Researching and comparing existing European good practices of Social Entrepreneurship education of young people through Urban Needs’ Analysis, Storytelling, Marketing and Intercultural Communication.
  • Producing state-of-the-art Reports outlining the existing landscape of European good practices.
  • Elaboration of a set of Toolkits and of a comprehensive Format representing a useful practical reference for NGO and stakeholders' operators and entities interested in fostering entrepreneurial development of young people.
  • Developing a network among organisations experienced in the field of entrepreneurial empowerment of young people.